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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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10.6 Redermination Process

ISSUE DATE: 10/2017

See Chapter 10.3 (When to redetermine eligibility) for information on redetermination timelines.

See Chapter 10.6.3 (Redetermination processing standards) for information about processing the redetermination.

See Chapter 10.6.6 (Redetermination processing – Reinstatement) for information about processing redeterminations that are completed within 30 calendar days after the case closed for not completing the redetermination.

The redetermination period begins 45 days before the redetermination due date and ends on the redetermination due date identified in MEC2.

MEC2 generates a cover letter and mails the following forms 45 days prior to the end of the 12 month eligibility period:

  • · Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program Redetermination Form DHS-5274-ENG (PDF)
  • · CCAP Change Report Form DHS-4794-ENG (PDF)
  • When a participant requires a redetermination form in another language the CCAP worker will need to print the form from eDocs and mail it directly to the participant.

  • · DHS-5274-HMN Hmong language version
  • · DHS-5274-RUS Russian language version
  • · DHS-5274-SOM Somali language version
  • · DHS-5274-SPA Spanish language version
  • · DHS-5274-VIE Vietnamese language version
  • MEC2 generates a provider notice identifying the family’s redetermination due date. It is mailed to all providers with active Service Authorizations for a child in the family. This notice is mailed at the same time the redetermination cover letter and forms are mailed to the family.

    To complete the redetermination process:

  • · Review the completed redetermination form,
  • · Obtain required verifications. Eligibility verifications are required to determine eligibility, while the family’s schedule verifications are required to authorize care. See Chapter 7.6 (Verification – Eligibility Redetermination).
  • · Determine the family’s eligibility for CCAP. See Chapter 4 (Eligibility Requirements).
  • · Notify the family of the eligibility determination. See Chapter 12.3 (Notices to Families).
  • · Notify the family and the provider(s) of the hours of care authorized if the number of hours changes and the copay if the copay changes. See Chapter 12.3 (Notices to Families) and Chapter 12.6 (Notices to Providers).
  • Refer to the MEC² User Manual Redetermination Process in the Case Management and Eligibility section for MEC² procedures. A redetermination processing workflow and flowchart are available to workers on SIR > MEC² > Worker Resources.

    Notice requirements

    MEC² will send a 15-day notice before terminating benefits if the family fails to comply with the redetermination process. See Chapter 10.6.3 (Redetermination processing standards). If you fail to send a 15-day notice, continue benefits until you have given 15-day notice of adverse action. This applies even if the family’s current eligibility period has ended. This may cause the family to have an overpayment if the family does not meet eligibility factors such as income or other eligibility requirements. If the family is ineligible for continued benefits or will receive reduced benefits based on information in the redetermination form, or if the information requires a reduction or suspension of the family’s benefits, the family must receive a notice 15 calendar days before the effective date of the adverse action or termination. If the change decreased the family’s benefit level and the change was not reported timely, there may be an overpayment.

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.025
    Minnesota Rules 3400.0180
    Minnesota Rules 3400.0040

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